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Welcome to the EFT Gym!!!

EFTGym is the hub for EFT therapists from across the world, EFTers come together to work out and strengthen their EFT skills. Having a conceptual model of EFT is great AND… it’s only the beginning. Just like physical exercise, you need consistent training to go from seeing your goals to achieving them. 

Enter EFTGym... 

The EFTGym mission is simple. We are here to provide an inviting, supportive, and connecting platform for psychotherapists who are serious about EFT to gather and train together. All are welcome here.


EFT Peer Practice Group

Peer Practice Group (PPG) is an online 2-hour meeting for EFTers to come together and practice EFT interventions and skills. Each meeting uses a simple format to focus on a single specific element of EFT, such as: the EFT Tango, Deepening Emotion, Tracking the Cycle, Validating, Holding onto Emotional Handles, Working with the “Block” and so on.
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An EFT Therapist clearly demonstrates in a live role play the chosen skill or intervention.


Participants are assigned to breakout rooms where each takes a turn practicing the demonstrated intervention.

Positive Feedback

Colleagues provide positive feedback in the breakout room, then rejoin the larger group to process and integrate the learning.

EFT Peer Support Group

Peer Support Group (PSG) is an online 2-hour meeting for EFTers meet to support each other in the journey of growth in EFT. Learning EFT can be challenging. We have all seen EFT trainers working their magic and implementing EFT beautifully and flawlessly. We try to repeat this in our own office and quickly notice that it’s not so simple. We also tend to experience challenging clients and intense emotions while doing the work. EFT teaches us to reach out for support. The Peer Support Group (PSG) is a place where we come together, share our work, and receive and provide mutual support.
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